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Whether you’re the active type and wish a wig that's filled with life otherwise you need a wig that needs a touch of glamour for that special day you've got been looking forward to all or any year, our latest post explores the key things to recollect when choosing a wig to suit into your lifestyle.

Choosing a wig for a visit to the gym. If you’re a daily gym-goer, you'll know that it's inevitable that you’re getting to sweat and therefore the back of your neck is typically one among the worst areas affected. even as you'd with natural hair, tying it up is that the best thanks to keeping your hair off your face and keep it dry as you get through your workout.
Lace front wigs are great for the gym as their sheer lace front creates the foremost natural-looking hairline. The lace front is so clever because it allows you to tie your wig back in whatever way you wish and you won’t need to worry about any wig edges being visible – gym glamour at its best!

Choosing a wig for a vacation. We all dream of lying on a white sandy beach, cocktail in hand, and therefore the sun giving us that gorgeous summer glow. If you’re lucky enough to be escaping to an exotic destination this summer, you’re getting to need a wig which will keep you cool as you spend your days on the beach or lazing by the pool.

Try to avoid any heavy wefts which will trap within the heat and cause you to sweat. Monofilament wigs are an excellent choice if you're avoiding a hot environment. The innovative monofilament design uses a sheer mesh section made up of a breathable fabric where each hair is individually hand-tied. Not only does this emulate the versatile movement of natural hair, but it's also the additional advantage of providing you with cooling comfort throughout the day.

Whatever wig you select, we even have a secret weapon that we recommend taking over the holiday with you. A wig liner creates a cool and cozy barrier between your wig and scalp, perfect for warmer climates and sensitive skin. Adding a touch more luxury than a typical wig cap, the bamboo wig liner from the Christine Collection is soft and silky against your skin, helping your scalp to breathe and avoiding any unnecessary sweating. Michelle shares her recent summer heat wig experience as she travels to Portugal together with her family and offers fellow wig wearers some top tips for keeping comfortable within the heat and humidity.

Choosing a wig for that special day. we all know that a special day, whether that’s a marriage or special birthday, requires a touch extra care when choosing the proper wig to form that ‘wow’ impact. Although ‘the look’ is so important and getting the proper style, cut and color should be high on your priorities, the cap construction should also make it onto your list.


Hand-tied wigs are one among our favorite construction types as they provide such a lot of freedom when it involves styling. The hand-knotting technique relies on very skilled craftsmen to tie every hair onto the cap by hand, a process which may take up to 3 days – and therefore the results are just amazing. For natural movement and hair which will desire your own, we expect this is often an ideal choice.

Now that you’ve had a read of our top recommendations on the way to choose a wig to match your lifestyle, all that’s left to try to do is put your feet up, grab a cup of tea and browse our gorgeous collection of women wigs to seek out your favorite.

We do realize that each wig wearer features a fabulously unique lifestyle and although we try our absolute best to incorporate the maximum amount of information as possible in our blog, sometimes you'll get to contact our friendly team who are always available for a talk about your individual needs. be happy to whizz over an email and we’ll flex our fingers and obtain back to you or give us a call and we’ll have a natter about any questions you'll have.

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