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How to choose the right wigs style for different face shape?

How to choose the right wigs style for different face shape?

hairstyle chosen for different face shape

      More and more women began to use wigs as fashion accessories. One day make your long hair look beautiful, the next day cut a lively Bob? Some women like the color and style of wigs to reflect their natural hair, while others take a more adventurous route of choosing a different color or hairstyle on any given day. However, if you want to learn how to choose an exquisite wig that suits you and makes you beautiful, there are a few things you should consider. Sometimes it's helpful to consult a beauty salon professional and ask questions about different types of wigs, but you can also choose to have a wig.

        There are many kinds of facial subdivisions, and each person's skeleton is not exactly the same. It may not be a standard face type, but a combination of some face types. Here we mainly introduce several typical faces: long face, round face, square face, and rhombic face.

  1. Round face

Generally, the face length of round face girls is shorter than the width of their faces, or about the same. Their chin is round, and the lines of their mandibles are mellow without radian. Their facial contour is round and soft. They look lovely and gentle and have no sense of distance and attack.

This kind of girls recommends side parting or oblique parting when selecting their hairstyles, because the jaw of round face girls is not very narrow, and the middle part may enlarge this point to make the face bigger. Or you can pay attention to the radian of the hair on both sides to expose the forehead. There are also two sides of the broken hair can be picked out, in the hair or tie hair can be modified face shape, this is also a careful machine.

Recommended Long curly hair:

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Long, curved hair looks fuller and more layered. It effectively covers the skin on both sides of the face, making the face look smaller and smaller.

  1. Long face

The girl with a long face is obviously much longer than the width of the face, and the face shape is relatively narrow. Some girls are the longer forehead, the hairline is higher, these girls do not choose the middle point, will appear to be higher hairline. And the girl with a longer atrium is more difficult to decorate with hairstyles, but you can use make-up to improve. For example, eyebrows are slightly thickened, and the highlight of the bridge of the nose should not be hit all the way. The younger sister with a longer lower court can choose the short hair slightly above the chin. In addition, long face sister can also choose to leave bangs, such as air bangs, thick Qi bangs or not, will appear very thick. Long face girls try not to choose the middle point, will appear longer face.

Recommended Medium length straight hair:

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  1. Square face

Girls with the square face usually have a square jaw angle, not rounded radian, and usually have a wider forehead and wider cheekbones. A square face can choose short hair, simply cover the most straightforward part of the jaw. You can also choose side points and s points, but the position of the hair root should pay attention to the fluffy degree, not close to the scalp. Of course, long curly hair is OK, but the position of cheekbones should be bent outward, and the position of the jaw should be bent inward, so as to effectively modify the face shape.

Recommended Curly :

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  1. Rhomboid face

The rhomboid face has a narrow forehead and chin, and the widest part is in the cheekbones. Such a face can be directly covered with hair, or curly hair, weakening the clear-cut contour of the face. You can choose either side parting or middle parting, but you should still pay attention to the fluffy degree of the hair root, do not stick to the scalp, but maintain the S-shape. When blowing the hair, you can blow the hair upside down, or when the hair is thirty-seven points, first turn it to seventy-three points. After blowing, you can keep the fullness.

Recommended Bob straight hair:

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  1. Heart Face

The chin forms a V-shaped face. Try the following hairstyles to make your cheeks and eyes more attractive: medium length fluffy, medium length curly hair, side ponytail.

Recommended Medium and long flow Bob Wigs:

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Some of its layers break at the chin to draw some attention to the area. The length of the wig will increase the balance of the face.






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