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How to distinguish between good and bad human hair?

How to distinguish between good and bad human hair?

A few days ago, Qimi found a wig shop that said that the hair sold in the shop was Top raw hair (the best quality hair in the wig). The only thing is doubted that the price is too low, even lower than the cost price of the material.


This shop directly arouses the curiosity of QIMI. If it's really high-quality top raw hair, we don't have to do it ourselves. We can buy them directly and sell them. If it's a fake raw hair, let's see what it looks like.

I bought it back and unpacked it. After careful study, I found that this is not a real raw hair at all, but also cut corners and changed the concept of hair length. So Qimi QC will take us to crack down on fake hair!

long straight raw hair

First of all, it's better to classify the quality of wigs to unknown partners. The quality of human hair wig from bad to good is top raw hair, raw hair, top virgin hair, virgin hair. The real hair with lower quality than that with smooth foam hair can't be worn after washing. However, due to the low cost, many unscrupulous merchants sell this kind of human hair. The braided hair quality is the best, specially collected in the minority villages under 30 years old has not been permed and dyed long braids.

To get to the point, when the wig was just taken out of the box, the first feeling was fragrance, which was very bad. It soon made people dizzy, and it was the smell of special treatment.

The wig is really smooth when I just hold it in my hand, but when I feel it carefully, I feel very dry and hard. The feeling of raw hair should be that it feels full of moisture and very elastic when I touch it.

The length of this hair is 16 inches. When I look at it, I feel that the length of the hair is longer than 16 inches. But after a closer look, it is found that the length of this hair is "folded". What do you mean? It is this hair that is divided into two parts, the upper part of the hair 12 inches, the lower part of the hair 12 inches, stacked together to make up the overall length of 16 inches. This kind of hair is called "Layered Hair" in the industry, which is a way to cut corners.

A normal wig, whether it's straight or not, should be straight from the top of the head to the tail. And the length of the wig should be the length of the hair, not the overall length. For example, if you mark 16 inches, your hair should be 16 inches long, rather than the overall length of the hair cover reaching 16 inches. This concept is easily confused by unscrupulous dealers or manufacturers. To put it bluntly, it is an act of victimizing customers.

If you look at the hair itself, the most obvious thing is that there are hair follicles at the end of the wig. A hair follicle at the end of the hair means that it is not really a straight braided hair. The real raw hair will not have hair follicles. The hair head is the hair head, the hair tail is the hairtail, and the hair head and tail are not reversed. Because along the raw hair is cut off the long braid, generally will not appear in the hair follicles.

Then look at the hair color, whether it is straight or not, as long as it is a wig of the same hair quality, the overall color of the hair should be consistent. But this wig is not. The whole wig is yellow, and there is a lot of black hair. It is obviously interwoven with different hair qualities.

Overall, this wig is definitely not the 100% raw hair described in the store. We infer that the best case is 30% raw hair mixed with 70% virgin hair, or worse, it may be mixed with non-Remy hair, In fact, if it is mixed with hair, wigs will not hair after washing, if mixed with non-Remy hair, it will be frizzy after washing.

At that time, when the blogger bought the wig, he judged that it was not a raw hair, because its price was far lower than the cost price of the raw hair. Moreover, the behavior of using 12-inch hair to make 16-inch long hair could be judged as selling fake hair, cutting corners, and harming consumers. Professionals like us can make a general judgment through its price, appearance, and feel. However, more consumers are not professionals. Therefore, this series of comparisons is to tell and teach you how to judge the true and false virgin hair. We also hope that all consumers can select a great wig for beauty!






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